May 20, 2016



Some may have noticed a Twitter storm that began yesterday, “Is it ok to use paid models for poverty porn?” around one non-profit organisation's use of paid models to create a fundraising campaign. The images are striking - some have said appalling - but somehow the...

September 24, 2015

Usually when I meet someone for the first time, and tell them about the type of work I do as an aid worker I get a combination of the following responses: 1). “Wow, that work must be so rewarding”, 2). “Are you a volunteer/ Do you get paid to do that?/ How much do you...

September 22, 2015 has produced a short informative animation explaining how the current refugee crisis in the EU has evolved and the current needs and contributions from states to assist the children, women and men from Syria.  


Video can be found here:

September 20, 2015

As the refugee crisis continues in Europe, with thousands of families fleeing Syria, Iraq and other war-torn countries, it is most often the images of the children that grab at our hearts and bring tears to our eyes. The image of little Alyan lying on the beach in Turk...

September 10, 2015


Many times people have heard the term “child protection” and “child protection policy”, but “child safeguarding” and “child safeguarding policy” are terms that fewer people are familiar with. There are some very important distinctions between these terms, and unders...

September 4, 2015

We have been devastated by the images of the children and families dead or dying being washed up onto the shores of Europe, or those lying suffocated in the backs of trucks trying to cross borders, or being passed over barbed wire fences - in an effort to be free to be...

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September 21, 2017

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September 21, 2017