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Child Safe Horizons Learning Academy is committed to delivering high quality, accessible courses in order to assist professionals to understand how to protect children in development and humanitarian organisations, schools, and any other setting where adult staff come into contact with children, either directly or indirectly, ensuring their rights to protection from all forms of violence, abuse, neglect and exploitation.  


Globally, it has become increasingly clear that children can – and are – abused in a variety of settings, often by the very people who are entrusted with caring for them.


Children have been abused in schools by teachers, in religious settings by faith leaders, in humanitarian settings by UN and NGO staff, and in development settings by staff and volunteers.


Despite the fact that these adults work with or around children on a daily basis, many organisations are yet to develop robust, implemented policies and procedures to prevent the abuse of children, and promptly report cases.


At the same time that news of abuse within institutions becomes increasingly common, there are few professionals with the skills and expertise to develop strong child protection (safeguarding) policies and procedures.


Organisations will find various child safeguarding policy toolkits, checklists, and guidance notes by doing a bit of research, but these resources, while important, are not sufficient for developing and implementing child safeguarding policies.


In addition, donor agencies are starting to focus more on child protection, and are beginning to require policies as a pre-requisite for funding. Protecting children from abuse is everyone’s responsibility, and with some technical support, organisations can develop robust, actionable child safeguarding policies.




The Child safeguarding course aims to increase the capacity of professionals in a wide range of sectors to understand what a minimum-standard child safeguarding policy looks like; how a properly-implemented policy can protect children, staff, and the organisation; the key steps involved in developing a policy and procedures; and how to monitor implementation over the long term.


This course builds on the work of the ACT Alliance Child Safeguarding Policy and Guidance Document, the Minimum Standards for Child Protection in Emergencies, the UN Secretary General’s Bulletins on special measures for protection from sexual exploitation, sexual abuse, discrimination, harassment and abuse of power, the Statement of Commitment on Eliminating Sexual Exploitation and Abuse by UN and Non-UN Personnel, and the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade Child Protection Policy.  Child Safe Horizons has developed this course as an introduction to child safeguarding policies and procedures which is relevant, practical and immediately applicable to those who need to begin developing child safeguarding policies.


We will have four units of study that are in line with international child safeguarding standards:

UNIT 1 – What Does a Quality Child Safeguarding Policy Look Like?

UNIT 2 – We Don’t All Work With Children – Why Do We Need a Policy?

UNIT 3 – Child Sexual Abusers – Their Risk to Organisations

UNIT 4 – Key Steps in Developing a Child Safeguarding Policy



This is an online, distance learning course with an expected 3 to 4 hours commitment every week across the 4 weeks.  There will be an online classroom for you to participate in weekly events and discussion. You will also have access to the senior lecturer over the entire course.


Various resources, recordings and tools will be circulated throughout the training and each unit of the course will have an assessment component.


NB: You will need access to a computer and reasonable access to the internet to participate in this course.



The course is open to development and humanitarian professionals, teachers, faith leaders, and any other individuals who work with children. 


There is no minimum educational requirement; however participants should be comfortable conversing in English, the language of instruction. It is hoped that in future the same course can be provided in other languages.


The audience for this course is professionals who wish to acquire specific skills and expertise to manage and respond to child abuse incidents occurring within their organisation; as well as social work / welfare professionals at large (case workers, instructors, trainers, educators, social workers), human resources professionals, CEOs, senior UN field staff, policy makers, and donors.



Discounted price for the entire course is USD $ 888.00


This is available for a limited time only. 


Full cost is USD $1200.00


Payment plans are available.




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