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Child Safe Horizons (CSH) takes its responsibility to safeguard children very seriously.


We believe that any form of violence against children is an affront to children’s human rights and in many cases constitutes a crime under a nation’s laws. All children have the right to protection regardless of gender, ethnicity, religion, country of origin, ability, family status, legal status, sexual orientation, or any other factor.


By the very nature of our work, staff and others may, at times, come in close contact with vulnerable populations, including children. As a consultancy firm specialising in providing child protection services, we must hold ourselves to the highest standard possible at all times.


Child Safe Horizons (CSH) requires all consultants who are included in its roster to provide a police background check from their local jurisdiction, and to sign a statutory declaration form stating that they have not committed any crimes against children.


CSH takes a ‘zero tolerance’ approach to harm and exploitation of children. This includes physical, sexual, verbal or emotional abuse, as well as exploitation of any kind, including but not limited to exploitative child labour, child pornography, and child sexual exploitation. Definitions of these terms can be found in section II of this policy document.


As part of agreeing to abide by this policy, it is also mandatory that staff and others associated with CSH immediately report any and all concerns involving the welfare of a child. Failure to report any observed or reported allegations will constitute a breach of this policy, and CSH will immediately terminate its relationship with that individual or entity. If necessary it will involve local authorities in investigating the matter.


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