Child Protection in Emergencies Graduate Certificate


Natural and man-made disasters are becoming more frequent, more widespread and more complex. According to the World Disasters Report 2015, there were 317 natural disasters reported worldwide in 2014, 48% of which occurred in Asia, over 85% of those killed and 86% those affected globally were also in Asia.


Child Safe Horizons Learning Academy is committed to delivering high quality, accessible courses, in order to assist professionals in reducing children's vulnerability to humanitarian crises, ensuring their right to survival and development after an emergency and providing the support they and their families need to quickly recover and re-establish their lives, dignity and livelihoods.


Emergencies can have a devastating effect on children’s lives. They can often result in children being separated from their families and other structures that provide them with safety and security. If Child Protection mechanisms aren’t put in place immediately, children can face the risk of abuse, neglect, exploitation and violence.


Increasingly frequent & complex humanitarian crises have meant that the sector has struggled to meet the sheer scale of child protection needs globally.  Many organisations including: Save the Children, Plan International, World Vision International, TdH, UNHCR, and UNICEF – often find it difficult to identify a sufficient number of skilled Child Protection in Emergency response staff with the level of technical expertise needed to meet the increasing demand.



The Child Protection in Emergencies Graduate Certificate Course aims to increase the capacity of child protection in emergencies sector-wide, as well as raise immediate response capability.


With the high demand for courses in Child Protection in Emergencies, and in line with the global level Child Protection Working Group (CPWG) Learning and Development Task Force Plan, this online course supports the increase of capacity of the humanitarian workforce in the area of Child Protection in Emergencies.


This course builds on the work of The UKZN Graduate Diploma, the BioForce CPiE Certificate, and the CPWG inter-agency training materials – to create a course which is relevant, practical and immediately applicable to those working in emergencies.


We will have five units of study that are in line with the Child Protection Minimum Standards in Humanitarian Settings:

UNIT 1 – Overview of the Humanitarian Response Framework

UNIT 2 – Ensuring a Quality Child Protection Response

UNIT 3 – Child Protection in Emergencies Strategies

UNIT 4 – Addressing Child Protection Needs

UNIT 5 – Mainstreaming Child Protection in Emergencies



This is an online, distance learning course with an expected 3 to 4 hours commitment every week across the 12 weeks.  There will be an online classroom for you to participate in weekly events and discussion. You will also have access to the senior lecturer over the entire course.


Various resources, recordings and tools will be circulated throughout the training and each unit of the course will have an assessment component.


NB: You will need access to a computer and reasonable access to the internet to participate in this course.



The course is open to humanitarian professionals who have graduated from a higher learning institution, with a minimum of a Bachelor Degree.


It is open to professionals who wish to acquire specific skills and expertise to manage and respond across the child protection in emergencies sector; as well as social work / welfare professionals at large (caseworker, instructor, trainer, educator, social worker), psychology, human rights, social and family economy, support for refugees and asylum seekers, with experience working with / for children and /or families in vulnerable situations.





The cost for the entire course is discounted @ USD $ 1,888.00. 


This is available for a limited time only.


Full cost is USD $3,776.00.


Payment plans are available.




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