We have experience across 50+ countries throughout the following regions: South East Asia and the Pacific; the Middle East and North Africa; West and Central Africa; Eastern and Southern Africa; South Asia; and the Caribbean. 


We have over 50 years experience between us in Child Protection, Child Rights, Child Protection in Emergencies, Child Safeguarding, and Learning and Development. 


Our lead consultants have worked on many of the major emergencies of the last 10 years: 2004 Tsunami; Haiti Earthquake; Darfur; South Sudan Conflict; South Kordofan Conflict; Syria +3; Iraq; Mali; Ebola Response; Ukraine; Nigeria; Nepal Earthquake; Philippines Typhoons; CAR; DRC; etc etc. 


Our lead consultants have worked on child safeguarding policies, procedures and training packages in Australia, West Africa, Sudan, South Sudan, the Philippines, Myanmar, Cambodia, Nepal, Nigeria, Thailand, the Solomon Islands, Vanuatu, and Tonga.  Working with UN, INGOs, NGOs, and FBO. 

Child Safe Horizons is committed to ensuring our high-quality work contributes to the protection of children everywhere. We are guided by purpose and say yes to love, hope and courage. Sacrifice and heartbreak. 


We aim to land softly and commit to DO NO HARM while humbly acknowledging - We do make an impact. We value equality, prosperity, and justice and we strive to serve with compassion. 


We immerse ourselves in the unfamiliar. We embrace the complexities and the challenges and the journey of the roads less travelled. Outwardly and inwardly in service and in hope. 


For a better and more positive world for all. 



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